Probass Crankbait Set
Probass Crankbait Set
Probass Crankbait Set
Probass Crankbait Set
Probass Crankbait Set

Probass Crankbait Set

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The tournament-proven Probass Crankbaits are one of deadly baits.

Designed by the Red Emporium Staff, the Probass produces incredible action with its unique body, pro-chosen paint skin patterns, red 3D eyes, and attention-getting free-floating rattles.

Proven to entice quality fish from afar, the Probass delivers unbeatable action on the fall. Rigged with premium VMC® Vanadium Cone Cut hooks.

Key Features:

  • This set includes 5 Pcs Crankbaits
  • They Create lifelike swimming action in water
  • Paillette pattern attracts fish a lot more compared to ordinary skin patterns
  • Bright Colors to attract big fish. Bass baits in shallow water.
  • Easy to use due to proper combination of wobbling and rolling
  • Good for: bass, snakehead, black carp, mandarn fish, catfish, etc

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